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Today was a travel day, but we didn't have to drive long. Because it was only a two hour drive to Athens we decided to take some stops along the way. One of them was the site we were going to see a couple of days back but were too tired from our flight. It's called Corinth, and it is a historical site of Greek ruins. Before we went to see the ruins we stopped in at the small museum they had. There were old statues and lots of everyday tools that had been found and preserved. These included helmets, rings, pottery and children's toys. We noticed that most of the statues' heads were gone, and the ones that still had heads rarely had much of a nose. My dad said that this was because of when they were invaded, because it was the easiest way to destroy a piece of art of that kind. At the site we saw stones that outlined where shops used to be, as well as the houses of important figures. Most of the time we were there my mom was frantically trying to find the ruins of the bathroom, because she said that the last time she visited they were her favourite part. In the end we found everything we wanted to see and were on the road to our next stop

.Corinth - Temple of Apollo with dog

Corinth - Temple of Apollo with dog

The next place we stopped was the Corinth Canal, which I really enjoyed. The canal itself is very deep and thin, even though the water is only eight metres deep. Hannah and I each took a turn throwing a coin over the edge and watched it hit the water on the way down. We walked around the area for a while and bought a fridge magnet before we stopped at a small place for lunch. We all ordered a pita gyros (surprise, surprise!) and we all thought that it rivaled the ones we had tried before. But soon we were on our way to the Athens airport to drop off our car and take the metro to the hotel that we would be staying at for a couple of days.

Corinth Canal

Corinth Canal

When we got to the airport the returning of our car was simple, but soon we found out that almost all the public transit was on strike. We would have to wait two hours before we could catch a bus that would take us into town, and then we would still have to take a metro trip. We decided to spend the thirty-five Euros on a taxi, and enjoyed a much more comfortable and relaxing trip. I slept most of the way and I was pleased to find us right in front of the door to the Lion Hotel when I woke up. We paid and thanked him and then went to the reception of the hotel. The lady there was very friendly and spoke fluent English. It looked as though we were the only ones at the apartment, and were given a room on floor six, which had a private wrap around balcony for a view of the city. I personally really like the place (especially because my parents said that they would take the hide-a-bed while Hannah and I got the bedroom) but my parents continue to find things to complain about.

Apartment in Athens

Apartment in Athens

That evening my parents and I went out to the small grocery store around the corner and picked up some food for dinner that night and breakfast the next morning. It was a successful trip, but we noticed that the prices for items were very high. When we got back to our room we had a pasta dinner with veggies and later my parents and Hannah went for a walk. To finish our evening we watched a third of the "euromaxx clipmania" videos before going to bed.

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What a view!!

by Helen

That is a fabulous apt. I am wondering if you see the Acropolis from there. Be extra vigilant in Athens. Pick pockets are expert!

by CBecker

Looks and sounds like a beautiful place. I love the pictures!

by Harv Roosma

Hi family in the Penthouse,
It is so nice to hear from you again. Abby and Hannah you do a wonderful job keeping us up to-date. The trip to Corinth must have been a very educational experience. When I saw the pictures of Corinth my thoughts went out to the book of Corinthians in the Bible. This city at one time was the seat of civilization. St. Paul went there twice and saw all these temples and houses of so many learned people. That is where he saw the temple of the unknown god. It is amazing that the people of that time were able to build such magnificent buildings. I often ask how did they do it. The artwork is beautiful as well.
I do not know the history of the canal. Could it be that this was the water supply for the city of Corinth?
I wish I were with you!
I am glad that Muriel found the latrine; I know this is very important to her. However these pictures need some explanation and Muriel, you are the right person to enlighten us.
I am looking forward to a further report on Athens. Please keep up the good work. Opa.

by G.Koning

Dear Family,
Thank you for keeping us posted with all your interesting travel reports, together with the great photos. It seems while many European countries are experiencing winter conditions, you continue to be blessed with blue skies. I guess you planned it this way!
I especially love the photo of the Apollo temple with the sleeping dog. Do the locals feed these strays? Just like your Opa, I have some questions....
Here we are celebrating the first Family Day Long weekend. However, not everyone is off on Monday. I guess we are a few of the lucky ones.
Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in Athens. A very special thank you to you, Abby and Hannah, for working so diligently on your travel blogs.
Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

by Edith Roslee

22:56 pst 09/02/13
Nice to catchup though I'm confused as why she returned the car in a major city unless you are flying out of Athens and want avoid the parking and driving within.
Tossing a coin into the Corinth Canal must have been breathtaking with its walls and height. You do know that cruise ships travel that length, glad I was not below :)
Well, you are missing all the snow storms across the Eastern patt of North America just in case you were wondering,
Food in Greece is yummy and there economy with loans from the EU is causing a lot of the prices you see.
Harmony will never be all the time with four different mindsets and two being teenagers but sharing and copoeration and learning more about each other is part of this great adventure. Even I can relate to getting ones clothes clean when away for six weeks and units not that easy to find or use.
All the best...

by RobBar

Whoops, meant Ben not 'she' :)

by RobBar

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