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Pinched Nerves and Pizzas

By Muriel

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Up to now, I’ve been letting Ben do the driving because a) he gets so much enjoyment driving European streets; b) I can sleep between the navigation crises; and c) he’s a more careful driver. However, today, feeling the restlessness that can only come with being sequestered in a beautiful villa on the coast of Turkey, I wanted to go ‘into town’ for an outing. And, besides, Ben needed more back medicine. Have I mentioned how he has somehow thrown out his back, pinched a nerve or tightened a muscle; whichever it is, the last few days, the poor guy has been in quite a state, as anyone with back problems can envision. This has left him with little capacity to move, much less drive. I have been showering him with love, kindness, understanding and the odd massage but, so far, he prefers the back medicine. Therefore, we had a quick lesson in driving standard again and, as the basics have come back to me, I am now claiming the set of keys.



The girls and I treated ourselves to lunch while in Kas, stopping at a Turkish restaurant that had a varied ten page menu. Today, however, they were only serving from three of those pages so Hannah had to quickly decide on a second option. She joined me in ordering a pide, the Turkish version of a pizza, while Abby elected to get a standard pepperoni pizza (after Abby placed her order, the waiter ran out to buy a pepperoni stick). Our pides were oblong in shape, made with soft, fluffy dough; covered with a flavorful, unidentifiable sauce; and topped with ground beef, peppers and white cheese. I enjoyed it immensely as well as the large mixed salad which seems to accompany most lunch orders. It was a large, tasty lunch and very affordable at $18. We’ll definitely have to do it more often as these outings, in effect, are our cultural attractions right now. While grocery shopping, the girls had compiled a care package for their dad, and after I added the back medicine and bag of frozen peas (aka an ice pack), they surprised him with it.

Care Package

Care Package

The afternoon ended with Hannah preparing a great lentil soup, topped with yoghurt, for supper – when in the Mediterranean...

Sunset from our balcony

Sunset from our balcony

That night, we were treated to another tremendous thunder and lightning show, an event that is becoming more commonplace, even to us. Typical February weather, it seems. We mop up the inevitable leaks with towels and weather the brief power failures that often occur with a storm. The day after dawned bright and sunny so, ever optimistic, I donned the swimsuit under my clothes once again. We spent several hours down at the platform by the ocean before retreating inside due to the wind. My determination at getting in that pool outweighed my reluctance (and usual common sense, according to Abby). I spent about three minutes in the bitingly cold water and insisted Abby use it as a photo op. I’m still hoping that we’ll get a couple of really hot days to allow us to enjoy the pools.

A cold dip

A cold dip

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04:59 pst 19/02/13
Lucky man, three women looking after him. chuckle
Hope your back gets better
Off to the airport soon.. Need a private pland.
Good on you Muriel for driving shift..

by RobBar

Poor Ben. Fortunate (I guess) that you are in a place where he needn't move much. Praying for quick healing!
Oh.My.Goodness. I see why you want in that pool - Gorgeous!
Hannah and Abby should run cooking classis for CCC's youth upon their return! (...just saying).

by irene

What a beautiful place you are staying in. Ben, I hope your back gets better quickly. Enjoy the attention!

by Harv Roosma

So enjoyable to read a bunch of these posts at a time over a coffee, like reading a good book; wondering what adventure awaits in the next chapter! And adventures you do have! What a gorgeous place, so glad you have such a beautiful place to have some down time. What a drag about Ben's back though! Hope that heals soon! Hi to all of you : )

by sheilat

Hi Family,
It was good to hear from you again. Sorry to hear Ben, that you are somewhat out of commission. I understand that you have had this before. The place you are staying could not be better to heal. Yes even the pool may help. Your daughters seem to think that frozen peas will help you. Just imagine what a pool full of cold water could do. Remember I do not give advice; I only dispense a little bit of wisdom. I hope you will soon feel better.
The pictures are very nice and give us an idea what it is like to be in a place where it is springtime.
Grocery shopping and going out for lunch is always an adventure for all of you. Have you seen a MacDonald already or are the Turks not included in their costumer count?
Hannah and Abby tell us a little bit about the teenagers you see? Are they dressed different etc?
Enjoy your vacation. Opa.

by G.Koning

Hey family... a much needed retreat for you all. It is important to take a little vacation from your travelling (as it a kind of work, as you already know). Hey Ben it looks like the nursing staff are in good order, and one who comes dual equipped as a massage therapist... hope you experience some relief soon and back on your feet in no time.

by Helen Koning

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