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Combined blog, woahh!!! Okay, so this blog is going to be about two days because our life is pretty uneventful. On the 20th, Hannah and I stayed inside and did some school, while my parents went for a long walk. It was pretty windy on our balcony, but if you drove down the road a few minutes it was pretty calm and mild. When they came back Hannah read to us a fantastic "postcard fiction/flash fiction"(they are the same thing by the way). For all of you uneducated folk, I have inserted two links about it. And I know that now I have gotten you all excited for what Hannah wrote so I have kindly gotten her permission to have it inserted in the blog.


Hand in hand, they walked
Father and daughter
Two steps to match his one
She bent, picked up a blossom from the forest path
And suddenly
She loosened her grasp
Grew before his eyes
Intertwined her fingers with another
A man whose steps matched hers
He sighed, looked down at his palm
There lay the blossom

TA DA! Ain't it a beauty?

Anyways, the rest of the day we still did nothing so I'll skip to the evening. We had kebabs, salad and some assorted vegetables (carrots and cauliflower) for dinner. After that we played yet another game of balderdash... which my mom won (now she goes by "Ruler of the Universe"). After the game we watched "The King's Speech" which I adored. I think that Colin Firth did a fabulous job at playing Bertie, but I almost think that the guy who played Lionel, Geoffrey Rush (no, I had never heard of him before either), might have done a better job in this. But I suppose you will all have to see for yourself! Also, if you're not sold yet, Helena Bonham Carter is in it so yeah, enough said.

And there was evening and there was morning--the one hundred and second day.

Good morning! Well, not really. I was rudely woken up to by construction and an unwell tummy. But I downed a cup of instant coffee, took a shower, and then decided to join the rest of my family for a lunch out. Hannah and I both got doner wraps (mine chicken and hers beef) while my mom got a watery bean soup, and my dad ordered the same dish that my mom had got the last time the three of them went out. After we finished we were given dessert on the house, a treat that they were offereing to all their customers that day. I thought they tasted like Timbits crossed with the syruppy donuts my mom and I had tried in Athens... although it wasn't as good as either. But the rest of the gang liked them a lot and ordered a second plate. The four of us downed sixteen of those little things. I had some self control and only had two.

Turkbits (we don't know their real name)

Turkbits (we don't know their real name)

We did a little grocery shopping before we came home and then my parents went out for a walk while Hannah and I did a little more school (less than a quarter of Social Studies to go!). But that's about it. Goodbye.

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Dear Abby,
Thank you for your blog. It is so nice for me (one of the uneducated folk) to read your stories. I understand every word of it and that must be very comforting for you. It seems to me you understand older folk and I benefit by it.
Now about Hannah’s poem, would you please tell Hannah that Opa has figured out who the other man is. You see the man who does not walk with big steps any more and who is still young at heart is Opa.

PS. I have placed a suggestion for you on one of the last pictures.

by G.Koning

LOL Opa may be old but he is still too funny!
So Hannah no need to work you still have an older man to look up to.
Love Uncle John

by John Koning

Turkbits. Love it!

by Irene

Peter here. Two comments:

1) The Turkbits remind me of an Indian dessert: gulab jamon. Nummy!

2) Hannah's flash fiction brought tears to my eyes and maybe that indicates that I'm having a crisis - recognizing that I'm not ready for my own kids to grow up.

by adrost

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