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Seeing Wicked in London

Seeing Wicked in London

Today was so wicked... like, really. We went to see the musical preformance of "Wicked" this afternoon, and it was spectacular. Oh, and we also went and saw Buckingham Palace, but that wasn't nearly as important.

We slept in a little (but not too much!), and some of us were even able to go for a short walk before our large brunch. We went to a MATT-INN-AAAYYY(sp) preformance so we decided to stuff ourselves with as many potatoes, sausages and fruit we could before going, to make sure that we wouldn't be hungry until dinner. We allotted plenty of time to get to the theater, which resulted in us being there an hour and a half before the show started, which is where the palace comes in. We shivered and sniffled (4/5 of us have colds) our way down the freezing streets to the attraction. The flag was up which, and correct me if I am wrong, meant the Queen was in. I tried to spot her in one of the windows but was unsuccessful as all the curtains were drawn shut. I asked my dad whether or not he thinks they ever open the windows to have a look outside, but he said that they all thought that all that was worth seeing was the stuff that was going on inside.

My dad was getting pretty stiff, and I wasn't too happy with how my body was dealing with my illness, so we walked back to the theater to sit and wait for the remaining half hour until the preformance. However, when we got there we were told we had to wait in the lobby, where there were no comfortable seats. But we were able to go in soon enough, and before we knew it, the play had started.

The actors were all great, and the lead had an especially great voice. The costumes and the set were extrordinary... I really don't know what else to say, except that it was all really, really great.

I loved it, and was sad when the intermission came because that meant it was over half over. All five of us loved it, and I especially did because my ticket had been paid for already, from the (seemingly) never-ending pot of money that my aunt gave me to use for cultural/educational experiences on the trip.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

It's all over now, but all I can think of is how much I loved it and how I can't wait until Sunday, when I get to see another one... even though it will be slightly less professional.

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10:08 pst 02/04/2013
At least you all had the right clothes for London at this time of year.
Glad you enjoyed a live performance
Yes, the Queen does look out but her office is over HorseGuard parade area if I have that right.
The Royal events of the day are always published in the local news so you can make lake other folks are go to where a royal will arrive by train or car or helicopter and wave the flag.

by RobBar

Glad you enjoyed the theatre. Guess you're saving the RSC for when you visit Stratford. :)

You can catch glimpses of the Buckingham Palace grounds from the top of any double decker bus that goes along the outer wall.

by Jane1

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