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It's raining, it's pouring...

by Ben

rain 14 °C
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Raining in Killarney

Raining in Killarney

It’s raining, it’s pouring and the whole family couldn’t get up in the morning.

So what did we do on such a rainy day? We decided to live like normal folk. After we slept in, we did laundry, income tax (we finally got around to it), hair colouring (it wasn’t me), grocery shopping, dishes, cooking (Abby) and school work (Hannah). The key difference between our Saturday and those of many people we know, is that we did all these household chores in Ireland. For some reason that just makes these task seem a little less mundane. We also feel pretty good that we are only paying 59 Euros a night for a fully decked out six year old apartment complete with washing machine. Our only real “hardship” is that a problem has arisen with how hot water supply today. Hopefully this won't mean cold showers in the morning. Maybe that is one of the reasons for the cheap rent--hopefully not.

Tonight, Abby is connecting with her friend Shaelyn over Skype in order to wish her a happy birthday and to check on our cat Bella. A few more Skype calls may follow. Later on we will read and play a few games. We will venture out tomorrow, rain or shine. As the saying goes in Ireland, there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropriate clothing.

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We can totally identify with your relaxing day! Good for you guys!
We are all home doing the same thing at least Karen, Sharon and Mike. Joanne and I are in our workshop enjoying our hobbies. Tonight we are having the family over in celebration of Joanne's upcoming birthday.
Great to keep up with you and to see how well you are enjoying your travelling experience. John and Joanne.

by John Koning

To Muriel, Ben, Hannah & Abby: Even tho' I only know Muriel I do feel as if I know you all by reading about each day's adventures & your personal stories. A pleasure to look forward to each day. I have been to a number of the places that you have visited & your experiences bring back great memories. Thank you!

by Sharon Gelling

17:25 pst 13/04/2013
This has to be the shortest post I have seen posted, must be the rain and moisture.
I have to laugh as my Belfast friend posts each day on Facebook, another wee sunny lovely rain day in Northern Ireland, time for a pint or glass of red after work.
Nice to know you submitted ones taxes though my problem was to wait till end of March to get all the slips in but the CRA e-file worked at 1am this week.
It rained a bit yesterday, hailed this morning and our grandkids left after a sleepover last night, Whew,, think about looking after a 2 and 4 year old
Have a Guinnessuiness on me

by RobBar

Dear Family,
Ireland sure has charm, and you are discovering a lot of it. Good for you!
While reading a past post by Mr. Koning Sr., I could not help but reflect on my own parents, who immigrated in 1951 to South Africa, with three kids in tow. The ship that brought us to Cape Town was called "The Waterman", a Dutch boat, that was used as a "hospital" during the 2nd WW. Our family, however, only called South AFrica home for 10years. My mother, especially, was home sick for her Switzerland.
Happy to read that you are all keeping well and making the best of each day, rain or shine.
Our weather today was also a mixed bag, which included rain, hail and some blue skies (towards Sidney).
Thanks for all your wonderful travel updates!
Wishing you further beautiful travel adventures

by Edith Roslee

It is nice to hear from you again. The more I read the blogs the more I realize that this is a working vacation or should I say an educational endeavor. It takes a lot of work to organize such a trip. All of you are experienced travelers and are able to deal with all kinds of situations, although some situations require words that are not in the dictionary.
I saw a picture in one of the blogs with the signature of Her Majesty the Queen. I was shocked that she had not spelled her name correctly. It was written "Elys beth". Her correct name is spelled "Elizabeth". Is it not time that Prince Charles takes over before he forgets how to spell his name? I do not want to be disrespectful because I am still a loyal subject. Next time a little more. Opa.

by G Koning

If you check her signature you will see it might be the way some of the characters are formed but HM does spell her name correctly.
The L and I and Z at times come close together so it looks like a 'ys'
Queen Elizabeth II's Signature

by RobBar

My memory of Killarney was going out for Chinese Food because that was the only restaurant open on a Sunday night. When the food came it was accompanied by French fries. I looked around and every table had the fries. Also I highly suggest reading a Roddy Doyle novel while in Ireland.

by C Becker

You've got to pay for all that lovely green countryside somehow.

Killarney gets about 100 mm of rain in April compared to 43 mm here in Victoria...

by Jane1

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