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By Ben

We all just wanted to say thank you for taking time to read our blog. It really means a lot to us. Your comments makes us feel like we are not alone but travelling with all our friends. Your company does a lot to prevent us from being homesick and increases the pleasure of our journey. Please know that everyone is encouraged to comment. We have relatives, work colleagues, members of our church community and all our kids' friends as readers and even if you might just want to call yourself an acquaintance we welcome and value your contributions.

We realize that some parts of the blog interface are not really straight forward so I created a couple of screencasts to orientate you to the basic features of the blog. We really, really want our readers to become members of the Travellerspoint community. When you become a member you get a username and password. This allows you to log onto our blog. When you log on your commenting is immediate and you won't need to put in an email address or your name. Logging on also allows you to comment on any of the photos we have uploaded to our gallery. The biggest benefit of commenting as a member is what you give to us (sorry for asking for more). When you comment as a member your comments become a premanent part of our travel memories. If you don't logon before you post a comment, your contributions will only stay on the blog for a maximum of 90 days and then they disappear, which is really sad for us.

Your comments can be anything you want. Just a note to say you are reading the blog is a wonderful addition. We really want to know who our readers are.

Overview of of our Blog's Features

How to Become a Travellerspoint Member (Very important--Please View)

Thanks again for following us. We would love for all of you to identify yourself at least once so we can put names to all the page views we know we are receiving. We also love suggestions as to how the blog can be improved or requests for information or pictures about any part of our travels. If the instructions I have given are unclear, leave a comment and I will try again. I know the How to Become a Member screencast is a bit choppy and seems cut off at the end, I hope it still has the essentials but let me know if you need more.

Posted by KZFamily 09:14

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I'm enjoying following along with your travels. I would like to see more detailed maps. I always have to drill down to get to the detail on the one at the top of the website. Perhaps you could snip a detailed map at the end of each week and put it in the photo section. I'd also like a rough idea of where you're going for the next couple of days. And more pictures with people in them!
Ciao, Jane

by Jane1

12:38 pst 27/11/12
That was a neat feature Ben that you used to demonstrate the blogs features. I had not looked into the 'Subscribe 'part as I thought it had to do with being a member which I am per your recommendation. So I have now subscribed to all updates on the adventures of your family as they make their way around a lot of countries over a good part of time,
I started a blog to at least record our prior major trips using the Mapping function and placed some pictures going back to 2005.
So, if one goes to the map title then you see the places we visited or stayed at. As long as the start / stop date are shown then it appears.
Now back to your blog, my family and friends are truly amazed and happy for you all that you took this major step to pause and travel as a family away from all the daily blips of life at home.
Down the road, your daughters will relive these experiences as a major part of their lives and growth while you two will certainly adjust to being 24 x 7 together and marvel at the buttons that your daughters will push on you both. As a family , what a blessing you give each other though as a guy who now tries to watch his weight , those ruddy deserts are making me want to run to the nearest bakery. :)
I was telling folks about your toilet experience, that brought some good chuckles,
I just started to browse some of your pictures and will spend some time in a few days. You blog is very informative to me and pleased I was invited to be part of the audience back here.
Caroline and her family just came back ( 2 & 4 yr old girls) from a Disney cruise in October in the Bahamas and now have asked us to think about one from Barcelona .
All the best and you guys are in our thoughts and prayers,

by RobBar

Each day I look forward to reading the latest edition of the family travels as some of the places are familiar but most are not. I also really enjoy the personal comments from each one of you, even tho' I only know Muriel. I feel as if I am getting to know Ben, Hannah & Abby. Thank you for sharing with me.

by Sharon Gelling

It has been great reading and looking at all the pictures. You all sound happy and relaxed! Joanne and I are excited for all of you and look forward to hearing about all the unexpected surprises you will experience along the way. In keeping up with us it would be great if you connect with us through my facebook and also invite you to "like" Second Chance Furnishings. Who knows we may make a european sale! Love (Uncle John and (Auntie Joanne)

by John Koning

The Facebook suggestion is a good one in terms of knowing what is happening with your friends back here though I can appeciate the WiFi time needed to do a blog plus other media.

  • Is it possible to add the TIME and Time Zone area you make your blog entry. It allows one to know when you are entering.

Cheers / Rob

by RobBar

Thanks Ben,
You are right we are all in it together. I for one enjoy your stories and pictures very much. Every day it is a pleasure to hear from you. I did like the video, which was something I even understood. When any one of you becomes a bit homesick let us know, we will encourage you even more.
Is the music you hear in Spain different from what we hear here in Canada? Do think that the people in Spain are happy or are the economical problems taking its toll?
It is nice to see the temperature in the place where you are staying is recorded on top of the page. It is cold here and we have a fair amount of rain. Have fun until next time! Opa.

by G.Koning

Hi Ben,
We love your use of Screencast and how you are encouraging feedback to aid on your journey. Really great to see!
I've sent you an invite to our members G+ community. Hope to see you there some time.

by KellieBarnes

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