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By Ben

We were having a good time as a family this morning reading through past comments on our blog. We were a little alarmed to discover that most of you who have signed up for accounts are not using your Travellerspoint username and passwords when commenting. If you are just putting in your name and email that is quite different than logging on as a Travellerspoint member. If you don't logon your comments will disappear after a few months.

We want all comments to be part of our permanent blog, so don't be shy about getting an account. Note that subscribing to our blog is not the same as getting an account either. I encourage you to read my blog post about how to get the most out of our blog. Click on the red links in this posting to get to some instructional videos that I made, it will hopefully help with commenting. Don't worry about making mistakes or needing to ask questions about how to use our blog--it is very new to most of us.

From what we can tell (we might be wrong about this) my Dad, Rob and Jane have been consistently using their logon ID while others may be using just your name and email account. Maybe you can tell us in your next comment whether you posted your comment by using the username and password you signed up for.

A big thank you to everyone. Just post questions in the comments area of this post if you need more help or information. I have reposted the videos below, just click on the red text. The second video is the most important.

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How to become a member and logging on when you comment

Posted by KZFamily 01:08

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Okay- here is another try at actually logging in after I became a member and seeing if I am doing it correctly! Thanks for the teacher in you who is trying so hard to help us learners to get this correct! Have a great adventuresome day!

by KathyHarv

Thanks for being such an earnest student Kathy we appreciate your good modelling for the rest of our readers. I will give you an A+.

by KZFamily

12:42 pst 29/11/12
Sometimes when one logs in the screen will refresh but you will not see the COMMENT box only , back to normal so one has to log in again. It also seems to have a timeout feature as if you are writing a long epistle (guilty as charged :) ) Yu have to log on again.
Regardless , great feature.
I also noted that it tells you how many characters you have left to type, as 1,600. chuckle
I wonder if they have a feature that allows you to log the comments behind the scenes, as in a log file on their server. Sorry , my analyst background popping up.
What would be nice is if everybody at least put up a picture to their profile , helps one see who the folks are.
Cheers / Rob

by RobBar

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