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Pretzel Face

Pretzel Face

We woke up early today as we were going to be spending our time in the Swiss Alps and we wanted to get as much time there as possible, especially since we had a long drive to get there. Our drive to get to the mountains took about two hours, so we stopped at a lake for lunch on the way. We explored around the lake a little, looking at all the rock piles from a quarry as well as the large and fast river that fed the lake with water. From here we drove on again until we reached the beginning of our mountain pass. We stopped a little further on at a dam which we could walk across and get a great view of the valley and the lake which had been created. Everything around us was so green, and there were still patches of snow here and there on the ground. My dad was surprised at how jagged the tops of most of the mountains were, and even compared them to porcupines. We drove on through the mountains, climbing higher and stopping at most of the pullout spots to take a few photos. At each stop we got out at, we noticed how the temperature was decreasing and the winds got stronger, but that obviously didn't stop my parents. At the highest point on our route we got out again, and upon finding a large deposit of snow my dad formed a snowball and threw it right at my back. Most of you probably don't know this, but I'm not a very big fan of the cold, and the only thing I like about snow is when it gets you out of school. And when that happens, I stay put inside my warm cozy house. So when snowball fights happen around me I usually don't participate. But my dad still doesn't really understand the rule of "if you won't throw one, I won't throw one", because he knows that I'll never be able to actually hit him anyways. So obviously, I turn around at him, with my mouth wide open, only to see that he is in mid throw. I turn and run, but obviously not fast enough, as in seconds a cold, wet, ice ball smacks me right in the back of my head. From here I decide that he's not going to quit so I might as well try to get my revenge, and I try to move close, picking up little bits of snow here and then and tossing them in little showers in his direction.

Snowball fight in the Alps

Snowball fight in the Alps

However, when all this is happening, my lovely darling sister whom I love so much is creeping up behind me with two large handfuls of snow. And I'm sure you all know what's going to happen next. She takes her load and rubs it right into my hair and in my scarf, where it starts to go down the back of my sweater. This was my limit though, and I made my escape, running up the side of the hill and taking refuge by a group of tourists who were enjoying the view. I watched as my mom got into the action too, failing miserably to do any damage to him, as he would just catch every one she threw. When I saw them heading back to the car I thought I'd be safe, but nooooo, never around these people. My dad acted all innocent and held his hands up in retreat, only to have Hannah throw another one, and then him another two that he was hiding. After this I ran to the car and didn't speak to them until the next stop

.Snowball fight outrage

Snowball fight outrage

This next stop happened to be a snack break, which I tried to nap through, only getting up for some dark chocolate. We saw some more sheep as we drove, and my mom and Hannah looked as if this was their first time seeing creatures like this as they pointed and squealed whilst taking dozens of pictures of them. After the sheep we started to go downhill again, and down the other side of the mountains. Once we were back driving in the towns I slept until we reached a lake for a bathroom break, and yet another snack. We had just over an hour to go from here until we reached home, so we decided to make it a quick stop as we had made plans with our hosts to visit the farm on which he bee keeps and has a cherry orchard.

When we got home we had a quick dinner of sausages, salad and potato dumplings before we drove to Chris's farm. Hannah and I were able to fulfill our dreams of wearing beekeeping uniforms, while my parents had to sacrifice themselves to the killer bees which we were introduced to. We were given many interesting facts about bees, like how queens are made, how they find their way back to their hive and other things. He was even able to find the queen for us to see, which he had marked in red marker the day he found her. She is a little larger than the rest, and she is longer than them as well, but other than that there are no visible differences. He says that the only way you can tell is by looking at them, as she acts no differently that the other bees from what you can easily see. After the bees we went to the cherry orchard, which wasn't actually his. He shares the farm with a friend of his who owns the orchards on the property. They have an agreement that our host will not charge him for taking care of his bees, but he is able to pick cherries whenever he likes. We thought this was the end of our tour, but he got us to follow him to another one of his friend's farms and we were able to see his pigs. At this farm they keep the pigs when they are pregnant, and when they know the date of which the pig will give birth, they return it to the owner ten days before so they have the pig when it gives birth. We were given a tour of the barns where the pigs stayed and were given lots of information on how everything was done.

Nice hats!

Nice hats!

Today has been a very interesting day, which was full of things that I would never get to experience otherwise. As we are in the final countdown of the days on this trip, I'm both excited to go back home, but wonder what it will be like without the new and exciting experience of this new "everyday life" which we have been living these past nine months. But one thing I do know is that I'm really happy we did this, even though some parts have been hard. Although there are things that I'm going to miss, like all the adventures we get to go on, I know that I definitely won't miss having to write this blog... sorry.

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