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Healthier in Madrid

By Abby

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As I woke up on the first day of December, something felt different... I was well! Yes, it was a miracle. I didn't feel sick, but I did feel quite hungry. After all, I hadn't eaten much more than a half-packet of crackers for the past three days. So, as Hannah still wasn't so good, my dad stayed behind with her while my mom took me out for my first taste of Madrid.

It was a little chilly, but we were properly bundled, and walked down the packed streets feeling warm and happy. First we went to a small covered market and picked up some food for breakfast. Then we went over to the oh-so-popular Carrefour Express. As small as it was it still had an amazing volume of people there, picking up some morning groceries. We bought a mango (we have been loving these because they are cheap, large and tasty!), some juice, a small honey cake, and a couple other items. I bought Hannah a Kinder Egg as a "better present" for her. But it's still sitting in the fridge as she hasn't gotten well enough to eat it yet.

021 to 022 Madrid 004 Plaza del Sol

021 to 022 Madrid 004 Plaza del Sol

After we ate a breakfast of cheese sandwiches, pastries and fruit salad (made up of mango, oranges and banana) my mom and I went out again, this time for longer. We travelled the large streets that were mainly used just for walking...and police motercycles. We popped in and out of the stores and checked out the prices. I told my mom all about my favourite jewlery that I found so that she knew for when Christmas and my birthday came around. Partway down the street we found an odd candy store called Oomuombo. We went inside and were very surprised by all the odd names that were given to the various assortment of treats. Some of our favourite names were Vingummi (winegums), Skumkola, Lakritsfudge (liquorice fudge), and Floppy Delfin. We chose to do the Pick&Mix so we could get a variety of things. We liked all the candies and enjoyed them as we looked into the shops. At the end of the street we found a large building that was at the corner. It looked very grand and had pillars holding up the top. We stopped to look at it, soon realizing it was only a McDonald's. So on we went to our next destination, Plaza del Sol.

Once we got the crowded square I noticed many people in costumes roaming around. A couple I noticed were Puss and Boots (whom I got a picture with), Scrat (from Ice Age), Spongebob (who followed us around after we didn't give him money for taking a picture with him), and three Mickey Mouses. After looking around the square we decided that it was time to start heading back. On the way it started to get colder, and a wind picked up, so my mom took my into a Starbucks and bought me a tall caramel macchiato, which I enjoyed immensly. By the time we got home we were very glad to be in the warm apartment. But we did feel bad for my father, having been trapped inside all day, so we took over the responsibilty of Hannah and let him go out for a bit. Hannah, my mom and I all played a very slow game of Dutch Blitz, which my mom won, but I came in second.

021 to 022 Madrid 018 Pizza by the Slice

021 to 022 Madrid 018 Pizza by the Slice

By the time my dad came back three out of the four of us were getting quite peckish (guess who wasn't), so those three went to the nearby pizza shop to get some dinner. When we got there we couldn't decide what types we wanted so we chose the easy way out--to get one piece of each of the thirteen choices. When we had purchased the pizza my dad made a quick dash to the grocery store to pick up a beer for himself, and a coke for my mom. When we got home we took a picture, and then started to chow down on some corn and anchovie pizza--no lie. After pizza we went to our usual routine...dessert and then a Downton Abbey (we are over halfway done the 2nd Season, and I highly reccomend it). But right before we started up the episode we got a Skype call from a very important person. My wonderful Aunty Helen. We had a nice chat, despite some technical difficulties. But the evening was good and I definately thoroughly enjoyed my day.


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Dear Abby, I am so happy to hear from you and that you feel a lot better. It seems you had a few very unpleasant days. I hope Hannah will soon follow you. It is nice that you have a nice place to stay.

I understand that your dad has some major computer problems. It could also be a server problem.
I just got notice that the server address had changed. I clicked on it and I received your massages.

Skype is a different story. Every time I try to ring him, he is kicked of line. Your grandfather seems to have the same problem. The ringer rings only once and then the call is ended.

You work with three computers does that have something to do with it? I hope he is able to fix the problems.
Any way keep us up to date because we missed you. Opa.

by G.Koning

15:49 pst 02/12/12
Glad you all are getting better.
Did you know that Kindereggs are banned in the USA and could lead to a huge fine. So better to eat them now and use the toy.
Here is the link ( I remember this story and others.

We used Skype in Australia last year to Canada and it was great. You all are nine hours ahead of us so it makes interesting communication times.
Good thought to show your Mum what might be a Christmas present for yourselves.
My group has gone to see the Nutcracker or such today which gave me a chance to sneak out with the car and buy presents.

by RobBar

Hi family,
We have not heard from you since Dec 1. It seems to me that you have no access to the net. I can put a comment on the blog, but I doubt if you are able to read it. I checked with Zemliak and he has not heard or seen anything as well. I hope all is well. Opa.

by G.Koning

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