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Beach Hopping in the Algarve

By Abby

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Algarve: Fishermen

Algarve: Fishermen

Today we had a brutally early start...8 o'clock. When my dad came in to wake us up I was so tired...Hannah couldn't even get out of bed for at least 20 minutes. But somehow we did it, and we were all able to be clean, fed and out the door before 10:30. We decided to go beach hopping today, so we stowed our flip flops in the back of the car and started off towards the west coast. When we got to the first beach we were astonished to find two other cars in the small parking lot. This was the place that all the tourists had been gathering and so many of them too! We decided that instead of checking out this beach we would go see the cliffs that were overhanging the water, as there were many people standing on them and it seemed like it would be an interesting experience with a wonderful view. But when we got closer we noticed that they were probably all locals, and every one of them was fishing. Most were dangerously close to the edge, especially one man in particular who was hunched over with his toes almost over the overhang. He looked to be one of the older ones there, and he stayed without a catch for the duration of our stay. We then got back into our car and drove further down the cliffs, passing many packed parking lots as we went. At the end of the road we came upon a short boardwalk, at which the end had a great view of the water. We walked down, enjoying the sun, but also feeling the wind as we huddled in our sweaters.

.Algarve: drinking a boca doce

Algarve: drinking a boca doce

The second beach we went to looked like a popular camping spot. There was a group of campervans parked in a circle around the edges of a parking lot. It was a little chillier here, and we only stayed out in the wind for a couple minutes. Then we opted to drive up the hills a little more to get a better view of the ocean. One we had our fill of that area we headed down to another beach, and continued our drive towards the south, as we wanted to get to some more sheltered and warmer beaches. At our next stop we still hadn't managed to get out of the wind so we chose just to stand on the landing above the water, and watch the surfers for a few minutes. Most of the waves weren't very big, but when a larger one came along, almost everyone in the water was trying to get up. Some of them were quite good, while others seemed to need a little more practice. We were starting to get a little hungry so we decided that we should look around for a place to eat. As we looked we went through the common ritual of dividing and eating a chocolate bar. This is a part of our daily family bonding for those of you who aren't aware. But in the end we did find a small place to eat, called 'Snack Bar Zig Zag'. I've been noticing that many places use English, but not all seem to be phrased quite right. Like when we visited a castle garden and a sign said "Visitors may walk throuhgt the forest". But whatever the name, the food was good. My burger wasn't completely to my liking, but my dad and my mom enjoyed the one they shared, along with their pork sandwiches, which Hannah ordered as well. At the end of our meal my dad ordered a galao (I think this might be spelled wrong), which is basically a special coffee with cream. Personally, I don't see what makes is so special about it. Hannah ordered a boca doce, which is, and I quote, "a coffee cream thing with sweetened condensed milk". I enjoyed the sip I had of that, and of my mom's, which was a chocolate caramel hot chocolate

Algarve: Luz resort

Algarve: Luz resort

After our lunch we went out to another beach, but at this one we were not very thrilled. It was extremely small, and it was still windy and cold. So we decided to just go to the beach we knew and trusted... the one that was a ten minute walk away from our home. We enjoyed strolling back and forth along the beach, deep in conversations about what we want for Christmas, and which book series are our favourites. It was quite pleasant, as the wind was soft, and not too cold. We went barefoot in the sand and enjoyed the feeling of relaxing on a warm beach in Portugal, in the middle of December. But we did realize that we had no food for dinner, and that it was nearly five o'clock. So we decided to do a two-day grocery shop at the Inter-Marché in Lagos. We bought our goods and stowed them in our car, all in the time frame of one hour. We were very happy to find that on our way back to our house there was a rotary all lit up in Christmas lights... a sight we have waited a very long time to see.
For dinner we cooked up a large pot of macaroni and cheese, with my grandma's recipe, and sat down to enjoy comfort food and a large salad. It was the beginning of a very nice evening. But then Hannah decided to go and ruin it by playing Puff the Magic Dragon and making me cry. But I was cheered up by the fact that our clothes that have been rack drying in our hallway were clean... as well as the cup of caramel pudding that was brought to me by my fabulous father. So the day was a good one... but compared to way I spend yesterday (doing homework), almost any day would be.

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16:37 pst 11/12/12
Abby, you have a great way of writing as I just saw your blog. I'm supposed to be starting the annual Christmas letter now that our cards for all around the world are ready.
Sounds like you had a wondeful day and a 2 1/2 hours to get ready is no tthat bad, on vacation.
Did you know per the newspaper that tomorrow is a special day as many folks are getting married because it is the 12th day, 12th month and a year ending with 12. (trivia)

by RobBar

Peter here. "Puff the Magic Dragon" always chokes me up too.

by adrost

Puff the magic dragon makes me cry too! it looks like you are having a great time muriel

by kathy

Abby you are so good at the descriptions of your day... fabulous father and adoring mothers are hard to come by and you are lucky to have both!

by Helen Koning

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