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Malta: Another Country to Explore

BY Abby

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This morning we got to wake up nice and early for a plane flight. It was quite refreshing. Haha, just kidding. We got up at quarter to five, and by six o'clock we had grabbed some individually wrapped muffins from the hotel breakfast table and were on the road. We got to the airport with surprising ease, and soon we had returned our car (Steven) and were waiting for our flight. I slept for the duration of the short trip and before I knew it we were in a completely new country, Malta.

L-Imdina, Malta

L-Imdina, Malta

We picked up our car and just as we got inside it started to rain. My dad took a few minutes to get himself acquainted with Donovan, as now he had to use his left hand to switch gears, as well as sitting on the other side of the car. We tried to go to a place called the Blue Grotto, but the main road to it was blocked off due to construction (definitely not the first detour problem we've had), and we weren't that comfortable going down the small back roads. We then decided to go to Mdina (a walled city) and walk around. We saw a lot of expensive looking construction going on, as well as several guys offering horse and carriage rides... "For very cheap, good price!!" We chose to pass on these and went to the tourist office to find out more. After getting some maps we looked at a glass-making shop, and the whole time we were in there I was pestering Hannah about how her backpack was flinging around everywhere and she was going to break everything on the shelves. I was then told to be quiet and fill the role of younger sister instead of parent. There were signs everywhere that stated "To us a breakage is a sale"; I thought that this was probably the way they made most of their money. It's very clever though, if you don't have many people buying, and they thought so too obviously because most objects for sale were precariously placed on very unstable surfaces. Just walking beside a set of shelves could cause them all to topple over...and there you go, you've today's salary! You can see now why I was worried about the backpack.

L-Imdina, Malta

L-Imdina, Malta

After we were done in the shop we walked outside again and consulted our map. Then before we knew it there were buckets of water falling from the heavens... most of you know this as heavy rain. For a couple minutes we waited underneath an arch, but as the rain wasn't get any lighter and we didn't know what we could do about it we decided to just go out in it anyways. I didn't really like this idea because today I had worn my keds, which aren't very good at resisting water... being canvas shoes and all. We continued to look around for a place to eat but we could only find a couple of high end restaurants. Everything and everyone seemed to have gone somewhere else; I think we saw a total of three people while we were walking around. But as we were still hungry, wet and cold we chose to go to another part of town where we found a small place to sit down. It didn't seem as though it was heated, and it was run by an older lady and her mother, but it was all that we could find, so we gave it a try. My mom tried to order soup and was asked which type she wanted. To this she said that she would like to have the chicken soup (there was a choice between chicken, oxtail and tomato) but she was told that there was only pea soup. My mom got the pea soup and Hannah my dad and I each got a cheeseburger. My mom also got a tuna sandwich (which ended up having green olives in it, which my mother detests--it also had tomato paste and shallots). But we were all happy to be full, and my mom and I got hot chocolates while my dad got a small (instant) coffee.

We then went back to our car and tried to find a grocery store. It took a while but in the end we found one, along with a free parking spot not too far away. We had a very successful shop and then we were headed towards the ferry. The thirty minute ride went smoothly and we even got to try Malta's signature drink... Kinnie (a sweet orange juice drink mixed with bitter herbs). None of us really enjoyed it, but my dad and I could stomach it so we finished the small can off. We found the agreed on meeting place for getting to our apartment easily, and soon we were shown to the house. We had a couple problems (couldn't find the washing machine, and the heater was broken...) but those were figured out soon enough as well. Dinner was good and we all had a very relaxing evening after our day of travelling and sightseeing. But my shoes are still wet.

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I hadn't realized that Malta was south of Sicily. I thought it was between Italy and France near Corsica and Sardinia. I also didn't realize it was so small. The text "Malta" on the map is much bigger than the little yellow circle that denotes the land.

Quite a few movies have filmed here including Popeye and Gladiator.

by Jane1

Dear Abby,
I feel for you! You go thru a lot of tribulations. You will never forget that you walked on Malta with wet feet. You try so hard to warn your sister in the glass shop a you are put in your place."Poor thing".
I like your thoughts about doing business by displaying your wares in dangerous places. You are a granddaughter after my heart. You still have some Dutch blood in you, which will come in handy when you visit Holland.
Now about the car? Does driving on the wrong side of the road scare you? My brother always drove to Scotland for vacation. His wife said that it did not make any difference to him because he always drove in the middle of the road anyway. By the way I like your blog. Opa.

by G.Koning

This morning I read a short blog from Muriel, which I appreciated very much. This afternoon the blog was gone. Did you change your mind or did it get lost in the mail? Opa. Jan 29

by G.Koning

I mistakenly uploaded an incomplete entry so have now finished it and republished it so it should be back. Muriel

by KZFamily

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