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Where is the shoe store????!!!!

By Abby

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Playing a Coin Pusher

Playing a Coin Pusher

Today was our first full day in Blackpool. We decided that we were going to save the amusement park for the next day, which resulted in us spending the day just walking alongside the water and looking at the piers. We stopped at a small arcade with many stereotypical “carnival games”. My dad showed me how to play a game that consisted of dropping two pence coins into a slot (this is most commonly known as a coin pusher or a medal pusher game). I was pretty good, if I may say so myself. I won almost all of my money back, but I decided I might as well spend all my 34 p for the experience, rather than just be left with a large handful of small change. I left with a small bracelet that I was unable to fit (so very unfortunate) but in my opinion it was worth it for the fun my dad and I had. Hannah is now quite worried that I’ll get addicted, but I’m sure I’ll be fine.

We kept on walking a little further until we got to a small attraction called the Comedy Carpet (click on the logo to read more about it). We stayed there for quite some time actually, reading the various bits that people were well known for, as well as trying to spot names of comedians we recognized around the outside. I didn’t know very many of them (Michael McIntyre, Bruce Forsyth, Judi Dench were a few) but it was still interesting at the very least.

The Comedy Carpet

The Comedy Carpet

After this we carried on walking further along the stretch of land beside the ocean. We were looking specifically for a shoe store I had researched because one of my pairs has started to disintegrate (or just generally wear out I suppose). In the end our search was too grueling and we had to stop for lunch along the way. We stopped at a small Italian place that charged too much, gave too little and salted their food quite heavily. But it was something, and we went on our way again. We didn’t find the store we were looking for, but I did find some shoes, and Hannah even got one of her watch batteries replaced as both of the watches she brought along have recently had their ability to tell time be taken away from them, and desperately needed surgery. From here we walked the remaining mile back home, where Hannah and started to play Lego Indiana Jones on the PS2 in our apartment, and my parents took a nap.

For dinner we’ll have some chili, followed by either chocolate or carrot cake. And then (hopefully) we’ll watch some good-night West Wing before we go to sleep before what may be an absolutely terrifying or possibly enjoyable day at the amusement park.

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