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Guinness Storehouse: Enjoying the 'free' pint at the end of the tour

Guinness Storehouse: Enjoying the 'free' pint at the end of the tour

Today was a really great day, especially becuase it started with french toast!!! My mom had been wanting it lately, so this morning she made us all some, and we all enjoyed it very much. After breakfast we had a little discussion about what places we wanted to see, and in the end we chose two. First we would go to the Guinness Storehouse for a tour, and after that we would check out a jail called Kilmainham Gaol. At 4:30 we would go to a hurling match played by some 18 year old guys to finish off our first day in Dublin.

On our way to the storehouse my dad realized he had forgotten the camera, so the real start to our day was postponed a little, as we drove back across town to retrieve it. But all was well and we made it to Guinness in one piece. We were granted free parking for visiting, which was a bonus, as our tickets were definitely not cheap. The tour was different than I thought, as I had imagined we were going to get a tour of the place where it's actually made, and that we would see the process first hand, but this was not the case. We went to a separate building where we were able to see all the steps by watching short video clips or reading about them on signs. It was a very informative tour, and even though it was different than expected, I still enjoyed it a lot. At the end of our visit we were able to turn in our ticket for a pint of Guinness or a soft drink. Three of us chose the soft drink, and I'm sure you know who they were.

More information about the Guinness Storehouse: Click Me! No, Click ME!.

After the storehouse we went off to the jail as planned. We arrived at two, but the next available tour was at three, so we were able to look at the "award winning" museum. I got a little tired here, and personally, I wouldn't have given it any awards. But there was one exhibit I did enjoy. It was an interactive computer that was on the subject of capital punishment.

"I don't know what capital punishment is...."
"Click me! I know!!"

Kilmainham Gaol: painted by a female Nationalist inmate

Kilmainham Gaol: painted by a female Nationalist inmate

We were also allowed to vote on whether we were for or against it. There was a large screen with the tally of all the votes. There were about 100,500 votes against capital punishment and around 93,500 for it. All four of us voted against it.

The tour of the jail started at exactly 3 o'clock. I really liked our tour guide... and my dad described him as "very earnest". I enjoyed the tour, especially learning about the people who had stayed in the jail. Over some doors there were little signs with the name of an inmate who had stayed there at one time or another. We even learned about a couple who got married the day the husband had been scheduled to be executed by a hanging. A while after his death, she was imprisoned, and we were able to see the cell in which she had stayed. She had even painted a large picture of Mary and Jesus which was still there.

Learn more about the husband, Joseph Plunkett, here.
Learn more about the wife, Grace Gifford, here.
Learn more about the Kilmainham Gaol here.

Gaelic game of hurling

Gaelic game of hurling

After the tour we quickly drove the field where the hurling game was to be played. As I am still not completely sure how the sport is played, I won't try to teach you. Instead, I'll give you some links so you can try and figure it out by yourself.

General Knowledge of the game: here
Brief overview through video: here

We sat next to some parents who were watching their 18 year old son (he was number 7). In the end his team lost by three points, but it was still very entertaining to watch. In the last few minutes we even got a ball flying our way, but between the two husbands, nobody got hit. When we left, we gave them a pin as a thank you for teaching us a little about the sport as we watched.

The day has been full, but in a good way. I am so happy to be better, as now I can go out and see more of Ireland... even if it does mean I have to start blogging again.

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