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Austrian Beauties Near Imst

Austrian Beauties Near Imst

Out of the four of us, my mom has been looking forward to this day the most, because today we would have a second go at a downhill rollercoaster. We planned to drive the forty five minutes there to start off our travel day, and then from there we would take the four hour drive to our new home. It turned out to be a great day for this kind of thing as the weather was glorious, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We got to the mountain, bought our tickets, and I put on some sunscreen in an attempt to shield my pale and delicate skin from the harsh effects of summer weather. This being my first experience, this may be a little bit of a repeat of what you have heard before, but I shall explain my point of view anyways.

The chairlift was longer than I thought it would be, taking between ten and fifteen minutes to reach the top. Because we had time to kill we decided to take a little exploration of the mountain on which we were now midway up. The forests and streams reminded us all a little of British Columbia which was a nice change. We had a small snack of pepperoni and cheese and then we were ready for the rollercoaster. We let my mom go first because she was convinced that she would be the one to go the fastest. I think she's forgotten that she has only recently gotten over her fear, and Hannah and I both think that it's a little early for her to be going on about how everyone else is going so slow. But I'm just glad she's enjoying herself. Because this was a new experience for me, and I'm the most scared of roller coasters, I went last. It took me a while to get used to being able to control the speed, and I would continually lurch forward as I applied the brakes too hard. But after a while I got the hang of it and went down the hill with ease. When I got to the bottom, all three of them were waiting there and I was promptly notified that I took twice as long as all of them. It was a great experience, and we even tried to see if our cards would work for a second entrance. Unfortunately, they did not.

Abby at the end of the Imst Alpine Coaster

Abby at the end of the Imst Alpine Coaster

From here we went off to start our real travel day, but this didn't last long as it was past lunch time and we had no food to eat. We stopped at a McDonalds (please don't judge us) for a bite to eat before heading off again. It must seem to you all that we are taking a trip around Europe just for the McDonalds, but we can assure you that it's just a coincidence, no matter how many countries we've visited one this trip (France, Spain, Monaco, Holland, Austria, and probably more that I have forgotten). In related fast food news, did you know that Cuba and North Korea are the only two countries that don't have Coke? Also, you are able to find a McDonalds restaurant in 123 countries of the world. Anyways, enough learning for today.

This was the new beginning of our drive, and we didn't stop until we were at our new place, which is fabulous by the way. The whole top floor is our apartment, so we won't have to deal with neighbours or visitors (which is really good because the wall of our place that you see from the stairs is just a large window). There is a reasonably sized grocery store quite close to our house, which is also a bonus. The only thing that put a damper on my mood was the fact that I had missed half of my back, neck and chest when I put on sunscreen today, so I am bright red and in pain. And I can't even look forward to the fact that I might have a nice tan when it fades, because I'll be pale on my left side, and brown on my right. I guess I'm left with no choice but to curl up and try to cry away my misery...sob.

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